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Top of the Line Location Sound For

  • Commercial - I've recorded sound for hundreds of local, regional, and national commercials.  And worked with countless A-list talent and celebrities.

  • Documentary - Extensive experience on-location sound for feature, docu-spot, and broadcast series.  Often working in remote locations domestic and abroad.  

  • Narrative - From independent filmmakers to large studios, I've mixed or boom operated for episodic, feature, and short film projects.  Experienced with multi-cam and ensemble casts.

  • Corporate - For both global and local companies, I work and maintain relationships with companies to record content for their internal and external projects.  

  • Political - Having worked with many politicians on campaign film shoots, I've recorded dialogue for both sides of the aisle and always practice discretion with political content.  I've worked with local and national politicians.


Recording dialogue on location is where your soundtrack typically begins and requires a unique set of skills to make it a success every time.  I strive to capture every word and performance with preparation, attention to story, working well with all departments, having the right tools, and most of all caring about sound.  Multiple packages available from portable bag rigs, to full feature carts.

  • ​​Professional Digital Wireless Systems

  • Top Shelf Microphones for all environments

  • IEM's & Comteks for Producers & Clients

  • Multitrack Recordings - Organized Deliverables - Sound Reports for Post

  • Timecode Slates - Lockit Boxes

  • From Cart to Bag - Always ready to pivot with production

  • Experience with Multi-Camera Projects

  • Episodic & Feature Experience

  • Playback Operator Systems - ProTools - IEM's

  • Extensive International Travel Experience throughout Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia 

  • Passport & carnet ready

  • Remote filming location experience - off grid

  • Extensive experience working in and around aerial and chase car units, process trailers

  • Production Insurance

  • Always prepared with backup solutions in the field

  • Excellent etiquette with all talent

  • I never ask for a photo with any celebrity

Providing the right tools and experience


I provide turn-key post sound services for agency, corporate, studio, and independent clients.  Experienced with editing, designing, and finishing sound for projects both large and small.

  • Dialogue Editing & Sweetening

  • SFX Editing & Design

  • Large Custom SFX Library

  • Foley Services

  • Remote recording solutions

  • Remote client review options

  • Audiobook Recording & Editing

  • Podcast Editing

  • Source Connect to other studios

  • Workstation Runs Pro Tools Ultimate

  • Genelec 5.1 Smart Active Monitoring System

  • Plugins Include: Revoice Pro, Penteo Pro, Izotope RX 9 Advanced, WNS, Waves, Fabfilter, McDSP

  • Audio Restoration and Forensic Audio Analysis 

  • Stereo & 5.1 Surround Mixing

  • Delivery to Specification: Broadcast, web, theatrical

Richard Walters post sound studio
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