Sound Mixer

Experienced location sound mixer for projects small to large. Working from an audio bag to a full sound cart.  Extensive international traveling experience for work.

Boom Operator

Prepared boom operator & A2 for multi-camera episodicfilm shoots, and commercial productions.


Portable Pro Tools and live sound system for vari-speed playback, on-the-fly cueing, and IEM's.


Multitrack recordings captured with industry standard equipment.  Providing a well rounded set of tools to keep up with the pace of any film in any environment.

  • Top shelf microphones 

  • Quality wireless systems

  • Professional recorders

  • Assistive listening for producers/clients

  • Timecode solutions for multi-cam shoots 

  • Seamless integration from the cart to bag 

  • Prepared with backups for all gear 

  • International travel ready

Post Production

Experienced editing, designing, and finishing sound for broadcast and web projects.  Providing stereo & 5.1 deliverables to specification.

Sound Effect Recording

Custom sfx recordings from mono to surround.  Experienced in capturing wildlife, warbirds, race cars, and beyond for sync or non-sync projects. Edited, organized & labeled for easy recall.


I am a multidisciplinary sound mixer, boom operator, and sound editor available for union & non-union projects.  For over 13 years I've recorded and mixed dialogue for narrative, commercial, vérité, and industrial productions.  My work has contributed to many television & film releases, including Emmy-nominated sound teams.  When not on set I've taught sound workshops for cinema students, contributed to projects that promote education and social issues, and I curate an original sound library from my travels.  For any questions, CV, or rate card please contact me anytime.